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About the Guild

We'd like to share this first:

What was natural perfumery called for thousands of years, before the invention of synthetic aromachemicals? ........Perfume

We took this example and reworded it from the organic food people. What was organic food called 100 years ago? .......Food

The Natural Perfumers Guild Purpose is to:

  1. gather and strengthen our existing community,
  2. increase public awareness and education about pure and natural perfumes,
  3. and establish standards of excellence in perfumery.

The Guild is the world's first and largest trade association dedicated to natural fragrance, and as such has measures in place to allow us to be a self-regulating entity that can work in advance of governmental sanctions on our art.

The Guild efforts are focused to exalt and encourage the use of natural botanicals in perfume, body care products and environmental fragrancing. Standards of excellence in creating perfumes are required of, and met by, our members. We encourage you to sample their handmade artisan products so that you may experiencing the fragrant beauty of nature, captured in a bottle.

We Welcome All Those Who Love Natural Fragrance

The Natural Perfumers Guild is dedicated to perfumes and all fragrance products that use botanical extracts and natural animal essences solely as their scent source. No synthetic aromatics are used in creating the perfumes, and no diethyl phtlate or other synthetic extenders are in any of our perfumes. We create and celebrate all fragrance products that use botanically-based aromatics, as we are artisans dedicated to the alchemy and hands-on methods of time-honored traditions or natural perfumery.

These liquid beauties are sometimes also known as botanical perfumes. There are Guild members who do not use animal essences, only botanics in their perfumes, and they may call themselves botanical perfumers.

Natural perfumery an art as old as civilization and as new as the latest harvest of roses in Turkey, jasmine in Egypt and lemons in Florida. It connects us to the ancient temples of Egypt, the fragrant mosques of the Middle East, the native peoples of the Americas and the temples of India, China and the Far East. People have loved the scent of beautifully fragrant plant materials since time immemorial, and we are reviving that art with a 21st Century sensibility. We gather natural plant extracts from around the world - and some from our own gardens - and craft perfumes, incenses, body balms, room fresheners and much more.

The Guild was opened in 2006, by Anya McCoy. It is not associated with the Berkeley-based Guild of 2002 that was open for one year. With Anya at the helm, the intent and direction of the Guild is to build this nascent art into a cultural and artistic force, most recently through the Mystery of Musk, Outlaw Perfume and Brave New Scents and Joy in January projects.

Built upon the goal of nurturing the art of natural perfumery through education, legislative efforts and networking among members, the Guild is an organization that welcomes all who love natural aromatics.

We're a consortium of international perfumers, associates, suppliers and enthusiasts united on the Internet, and when lucky enough, we meet in person and share our stories and dreams of the future of natural perfumery.

The public is demanding a new paradigm in perfumery, one that gives them the option of obtaining quality perfumes made only with pure and natural aromatics and the Guild artisans meet that requirement and create new, exciting fragrances free of synthetics.

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