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Anya's Garden Perfumes- Anya McCoy
Aromantik - Sally Woodward-Hawes
Elspeth Airs - Justine Diamond
Ime Natural Perfumes - Tonia Walker
Instituto ESB - Enrique Sanz
Invocation Aromatherapy Perfumes - Blue Eagle
Joan Clark Palais Aromaetica - Joan Clark
Kismet Potions - Perfumes and Supplies - Kris Wrede
Leiani Naturals - Shira Jayson
Lunaroma - Leyla Bringas
LURK - Anne Nelson Sanford
Maui Perfumes - Jackie Cummings
Mermade Magickal Arts - Katlyn Breene
One Seed Perfumes - Liz Cook
Press and Still - Elise Wishlow
Raw Nature NZ - Nicky Jagger
Sharini Parfums Naturels - Nick Jennings
Pure Balance - Kim Lansdowne-Walker
Strange Invisible Perfumes - Alexandra Balahoutis
Suzy Larsen Perfumes - Suzy Larsen
Therapeutate Parfums - Rodney Hughes
Thorn and Bloom - Jennifer Botto


Associate designation includes supporters of natural perfumery who may use some synthetic fragrance materials. Members with * have some synthetic fragrance materials. The majority of the Associates do carry all-natural products.

Basenotes - Forum, News & Directory for perfume lovers- Grant Osborne
Dindi Naturals- Soaps and Natural Body Care - Pip Guyatt
Ecco Bella - Perfumes and Body Care - Sally Malanga
Flora Medica - Aromatherapy Educator and Author - Valerie Cooksley
Florians Aromatherapia Aromatherapy - Maria Ruiz Sanchez
FL Parfums Associate Perfumer Fabio Luisi- Fine Fragrances - FL*
Green Scentsations - Aromatherapist, author Mindy Green
- website TBA
His Highness Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Ta’isi Efi, King of Samoa - author of monograph on use of natural fragrance in Samoa
House of Matriarch - Associate Perfumer Christi Meshell
Jeanne Rose - Educator and Author - Jeanne Rose
Jan Kusmirek - Author, aromatherapist
Dr. Murray Hunter - Essential Oil Expert and Author
Paradise Spice & Quintessence Botanical Alchemy - Gayle Phillips website TBA
Prodarom - Grasse Institute of Perfumery - Industry Coalition - Isabel Torrente
The Scent Trail - Author - Celia Lyttelton
Sunflower Naturals - Books on body and home care- Emily Patterson
Terresscentials - 100% Organic Body Care Products - Diana Kaye
Robert Tisserand - Aromatherapy Consultant and Author - Robert Tisserand
Two Crow Cottage - Soap and Incense - Nina Casamento


Some Suppliers may offer fragrance or perfume oils that contain synthetics. They are marked with an * and you may inquire if you have any questions.

The Aromatherapy Shop - Natural Aromatics - Kevin Wood
Alpha Aromatics Organics - Certified Organic Fragrances - Roger Howell
Arlys Naturals - Natural Aromatics Body Care and Supplies - Susan Stype *
AV-AT Anatolian Treasures - Natural Aromatics and Body Care - John Crosky
Cherry Valley Lilacs - Lilac pomade and absolute - Charliepan Dawson
Eden Botanicals - Natural essential oils, CO2s, absolutes and more
Essential Oil Company - EOs, absolutes and more - Robert Seidel
Enfleurage NYC - Natural Perfumery supplies - Trygve Harris
The Lermond Company - Natural Perfumery Supplies - Tara Lermond
Lifetree Aromatix - Aromatherapist/Educator - John Steele - 1-818-986-0584
Timeless Essential Oils - Natural Essential Oils - Ramona Meers

Many of the perfumers, associates and suppliers offer special discounts to Guild members. By becoming a Guild member you will be eligible for the discounts on natural aromatics, educational materials, and many items related to natural perfumery and body care products. These are some of the most respected professionals in the industry with exquisite stock and great service.


The Guild has many members who enjoy benefits and being a part of the community of natural perfumers, associates and suppliers. Friends are also eligible for apprenticeships. Join today to meet other natural fragrance lovers.

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