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In addition to publishing our position papers on topics that govern our Guild, several of its members have taken a stance on several regulatory issues that affect the perfume industry.

February 2007 - IFRA/EU Boycott Primer Authors: Anya McCoy, Robert Tisserand, Tony Burfield Click here to download.

April 2007 - Cropwatch Newsletter on the Banning of Citrus Oils in Perfumery Click here to download the pdf.

July 2007 - Cropwatch meets with the EU CC - Meeting Between Guild member Cropwatch and The Perfume Foundation & the EU Cosmetics Commission Staff, Brussels. Click here to download.

Jan. 2008 - Cropwatch newsletter - This newsletter contains articles by noted aromatherapist and NPG member Robert Tisserand on essential oil safety issues, Kim Bleiman, President of Berje Inc. speaks on how the aroma industry is being harmed by not fighting back, and NPG member Tony Burfield writes on the coumarin safety issue. Click here to download.

June 2008 - The Natural Perfumers Guild issues a position paper on the Definition of Natural Perfumery.  Updated February 2012.  Click here to download.

June 2010 - Cropwatch presents at the World Perfumery Congress, Cannes France. The Role of Risk Aversion in the Decline of the Perfumery Art Click here to download.

April 2012 - The State of Natural Perfumery 2012. Collaborative article coordinated by Guild President Anya McCoy. Ranked #3 most read article on Basenotes in 2012 Awards. Click here to download.

February 2013 - Proper pH for Accords, Perfumes, and Tinctures. A white paper on testing for, and adjusting pH. Authors: Bruce Bolmes, Anya McCoy, Andrine Olson. Published by the Natural Perfumers Guild and the Natural Perfumery Institute. Click here to download.


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